Bathroom Lighting

The right choice of bathroom lighting can dramatically improve the look of the room. Well chosen fixtures and fittings add sparkle and shine. In addition, positioned and appropriate lighting in a bathroom can help to enhance the mood or atmosphere of a space. Also, the correct bathroom lighing provides much needed light at key times in the day when the bathroom is likely to be used.  Our range of lighting includes wall mounted feature lights, ceiling lights and pull switches.

Many bathrooms, en-suite or not, are near bedrooms. So, lighting needs to be carefully considered. Bright lights flashing on and off in the middle of the night can disturb the sleep of people in adjacent bedrooms. It’s also likely to be uncomfortable for the person visiting the bathroom. One solution is to have different levels of lighting so that you can just switch on low level lighting on your late-night trip without waking others or yourself up too much. Futhermore, this lighting could be triggered by a motion sensor so you don’t have to fumble around for a switch.

Choosing the Correct Bathroom Lighting

UK safety regulations split bathrooms into separate zones when it comes to lighting. You should only install lighting correct for the zone the each light will be in. It is important to fit lights with the corerct IP rating for the zone. “IP” stands for ingress protection. Basically IP is a measure of how watertight a light fitting is.

Bathroom lights placed immediately adjacent to a bath or inside a shower enclosure are deemed to be in zone 1. Zone 1 fittings must have a minimum IP rating of IP65. Lights within 600mm of a bath, shower or basin are in zone 2. Light fixtures in zone 2 need an IP rating of at least IP44. With one important exception, there are no official regualtions dictating what type of lighting can be used outside of zones 1 and 2. However, we recommend using lighting with an IP rating of at least IP20 in any bathroom or shower room setting. The exception is that pendant lights or chandeliers hung directly over a bathtub must be at least IP44 rated.

One other important UK bathroom light regulation is that switches must either be on a pull string or located outside the bathroom.

Featured Bathroom Lighting Brands

Below are some of our current favourite bathroom lighting brands which are on display in our bathroom showroom in Swansea.

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