Wall Tiles

We offer you a multitude of elegant and exquisite wall tiles. Designs range from the best imitations of natural materials such as stone or natural wood, to vibrant and exclusive textures and sets.

Examples of the latest designs and styles follow. Please note that products featured on this website are a mere selection of the most popular ranges in our portfolio.

Why choose tiles for your walls?

Ceramic is one of the best choices for wall coatings thanks to its high-level of strength and easy cleaning. In addition, the development in ceramic production processes has greatly expanded its decorative possibilities, following the latest trends in interior design.

Not just for the bathroom and kitchen

In conclusion, with designers and manufacturers bringing out thousands of new tile ranges come out each year, wall tiles should no longer be limited as a finish just for the bathroom and kitchen.  Hopefully some of these ideas demonstrate that tiles are a premium finish suitable for any room.

Want to see more?

Visit our tile shop inside our award winning bathroom showrooms in Swansea to see the complete collection.