Marble Effect Tiles

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Our marble tiles collection iis compromised of a range of ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles using marble effects that instil any environment with a sense of luxury and quality.

The highly polished appearance of marble is most popular in hallways and bathrooms. Porcelain marble effect floor tiles are especially ideal for frequently-used areas.

Classic marble with white with refined dark veining gives the appearance of natural classic Italian quarried marble and has long been a designers’ favourite. The clean look provides a perfect backdrop for contemporary or classic homes and is a style that will stand the test of time.

A polished cappuccino and cream marble effect wall and floor tile creates a softer feel more suited to bathrooms.

Alternatively, make a statement with a stronger mix of browns.

Or take it to the limit with a dark black marble effect tile.

You can create a unique look with marble effect mosaic wall tiles. Marble mosaics – brick, stone glass and split-face – can create a mydriad of patterns and effects on your bathroom walls or anywhere else in the house.

Although alive with life-like veining, ceramic and porcelain marble effect tiles are far easier and cheaper to install and maintain than natural stone and do not  typically require sealing. In addition, marble effect tiles do not exhibit the same degree of shade and colour variation found with the natural product. Also, they do not diminsh a limited natural resource and are a fraction of the cost! So designers and architects often choose marble effect tiles whe inviting natural materials and surfaces into an interior space and ‘bringing the outdoors in’.

Need more ideas?

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