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Our collection of ceramic floor tiles is inspired by textiles, natural stone, metals, cement and terracotta.  However, these  floor tiles retain the innate properties and features of clay-based ceramics.  Consequently they are easier to install and maintain.

Ceramic floor tiles are more adaptable than continuous flooring.  They can be eco-friendly too.  Suppliers such as Porcelanosa make extensive use of recycled materials so can deliver a natural look in an ecologically friendly product.

Floor tiles should not limited to the bathroom or kitchen.  For easy cleaning and durability, tiles are a convenient, durable and hygienic alternative to carpet.  Have you thought about trying tiles in the living room or lounge with the added warmth of underfloor heating?

A recent interior design trend is to do away with the old fashioned approach to differentiating rooms by type of flooring.  Rather than having laminate, vinyl and carpet in different rooms, the more modern approach aims for a flowing floor space. This is created by using a single run of floor covering throughout your home.

When it comes to tiling a floor space, there are several paths you can take.  You could create a captivating checkerboard effect – piece together a monochrome mix of black and white floor tiles.  Alternatively, you could invite the natural look into your home – whether you want the real thing or one of our realistic alternatives.

No matter what variety of tile design you’re seeking, we can supply it.  From the most modern, contemporary and technical to the classical and traditional.  Because we are the area’s premier bathroom supplier we have an especially large range of bathroom tiles.

Please note that products featured on this website are a mere selection of the most popular ranges in our portfolio.

Specialised Floor Tiles

Looking for something specialised?  Then highly polished porcelain, vintage, anti-slip or large format tiles may fit the bill.

In addition to conservatory tiles, we can supply tiles suitable for outdoor use such as pathways and outdoor rooms.

Need more ideas?

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