Freestanding Baths

A freestanding bath is the ultimate in luxury for your bathroom space and adds an instant sense of glamour and style. If you are looking for immediate impact, then freestanding baths offer the ideal style statement.  They are elegant and lavish and can easily form the centrepiece for any modern bathroom or traditional bathroom.

If you wish to install a freestanding bath, there are just a few things you might wish to consider. You need to think about your space and how a freestanding bath would fit within your overall bathroom design. Once upon a time you would have required a huge bathroom, but now that is certainly not the case. Different styles and sizes are available to suit most reasonable sized spaces. And they don’t necessarily have to form the central focus of your room either. Free standing baths can be fitted more subtly along walls or in alcoves to give more flexibility in the design process.

In terms of style and design, TW Thomas supply a fantastic range of freestanding baths (many of which are on display in our bathroom store). These baths range from modern and contemporary styles to vintage and traditional bathtubs. Any freestanding bath that you choose can be matched with appropriate sanitary-ware to complete a sophisticated look.

Traditional Freestanding Bath Designs

Slipper baths offer period styling and a traditional appeal. Combined with other elements such as clawed feet, they emulate the elegance and drama we associate with statement pieces of furniture. A slipper freestanding bath will have one side of the tub raised a little higher than the other allowing the user to ‘slip’ into luxury.

Roll top baths have a ‘lip’ around the edge as if the top of the bath has been rolled over. This gives the impression of Victorian opulence and sophistication even when produced from more modern (and warmer!) manufacturing material.

Contemporary Freestanding Bath Designs

Modern freestanding baths will often have clean lines and curves. They may even feature more contemporary fixings and unusual shapes to give an overall 21st Century appeal. There are many ‘footless’ designs that rest directly on the floor of the bathroom giving a real spa like quality.

For added impact, your freestanding bath can also be installed on a plinth or platform, placing it firmly as the focal point of your room.

Freestanding Baths Featured Brands

Below are the main free standing bath brands which are currently on display in our bathroom showroom in Swansea. If a freestanding bath is an option for your bathroom, why not discuss this with one of specialist bathroom sales team in our bathroom showroom. They can help you with all aspects of design and planning making sure all your design elements work seamlessly together.

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